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Issue 7-8/2015 EP 2 868 635 A1

Cement clinker cooler and method for cooling cement clinker

(22) 29.10.2013 (43) 06.05.2015 (57) White cement clinker can be ­efficiently produced using a kiln 10 for sintering cement clinker and ­unloading the cement clinker from the kiln 10 to a clinker...

Issue 7-8/2020 WO 2020/053100 A1

Cooler for cooling clinker and method for operating a cooler for cooling clinker

(22) 06.09.2019 (43) 19.03.2020 (57) The present invention relates to a method for operating a cooler (10) for cooling clinker, in particular of a cement making plant, comprising the steps of...

Issue 4/2017 EP 3 128 275 A1

Cement clinker cooler grate

(22) 07.08.2015 (43) 08.02.2017 (57) A cement clinker cooler grate 1 for cooling and conveying cement clinker in a forward direction 2 comprising a grate surface for supporting the clinker, which is...

Issue 8/2021 WO 2021/180723 A1

Cooler for cooling bulk material, in particular cement clinker

(22) 09.03.2021 (43) 16.09.2021 (57) The present invention relates to a cooler (10) for cooling bulk material (12), in particular cement clinker, having a cooling-gas space (14), through which a...

Issue 4/2021 US 2021/0071956 A1

Clinker cooler and method for operating a clinker cooler

(22) 04.11.2020 (43) 11.03.2021 (57) A conveyor grate for conveying bulk material (preferably cement clinker) in a conveying direction, which has at least two conveying means and at least one motor...