US 2020/0392041 A1

Clinker production plant and method for producing clinker in such a plant

(22) 13.12.2018

(43) 17.12.2020

(57) Disclosed is a clinker production plant including: a preheating unit; a calcination unit; a kiln; and a cooler. The calcination assembly includes a calcination reactor for calcination by combustion of a solid so-called alternative fuel. The calcination reactor is arranged such that at least part of the combustion fumes from the kiln pass partly through the calcination reactor before entering the preheating unit, and a tertiary gas flow including air leaving the cooler passing at least in part through the calcination reactor before entering the preheating unit. The calcination reactor includes a system for controlling the residence time of the alternative solid fuel.

(71) Fives FCB, Villeneuve d’Ascq (FR)


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