Continuously operating Ploughshare Mixer KM 2000

The continuous mixer is based on the process of the mechanically generated turbulent fluidized bed, patented by Lödige. During this process, Ploughshare shovels rotate close to the wall in a horizontal, cylindrical drum. Their peripheral speed and geometric shape is rated in such a way that they take the mixing components off the drum wall and toss them into the free mixing compartment from the product bed. Therefore, due to the continuous mixing of the entire product, intensive mixing is achieved even at extensive throughputs of material to be mixed. The product transport is ensured by the special shape and arrangement of the mixing elements. In this manner, an excellent homogeneity and consistent reproducibility of the final product is achieved during short mixing or dwell times of only 25 to 60 s.

In addition to its efficiency, part of the mixer concept is the universal applicability of the machine. Beyond the processing of dry, powdery, granular or fibrous solids, it can be equipped for numerous other mixing tasks. The addition of liquids to moisten the product components is equally possible as the processing of pastes and liquids. Furthermore, the installation of choppers in the mixing drum allows opening-up agglomerates and targeted granulation during the mixing process. A heated or cooled drum, head pieces and a shaft are also available as equipment options. During times of particular demand, the highly wear-resistant surfaces, high-strength structural steels, stainless steels and special materials increase the high availability of the continu­ous Ploughshare mixer even further. The wide range of different sizes also accounts for the versatility of the mixer. The smallest model with a drum capacity of 5 l, has a throughput capacity of 0.25 m3/h, depending on the dwell time and filling level. The throughput capacity of the largest model with a drum volume of 57000 l is approx. 1300 t/h.


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