Energy saving, faster and quieter: servo
motors optimize sand-lime brick presses

As an alternative to the conventional solution – and at no greater cost – the market leader Masa is equipping its established sand-lime brick presses with hydraulic pumps driven by servo motors. These run only when required by the process, saving up to 35 % of energy, especially for larger products with longer cycle and idle times. This not only enables the presses to work faster, but also considerably more quietly and, as practice has shown, the simplified hydraulic system is easier to maintain.

Sand-lime brick is a building material with many advantages and is widely used across the Benelux countries, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and as far as Russia. There are various established stone formats - from small and medium standard sizes, to large-format slabs up to 650 mm high and almost one meter wide. These have always been manufactured on hydraulic presses.

In both, technological and commercial terms, Masa GmbH from Porta Westfalica in Germany is one of the leading suppliers of single- and double-sided sand-lime brick presses. Based in Andernach, the company is steeped in tradition. At...

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