Fan-assisted respiratory protection system filters particles from up to 0.3 μm

Article 9 of the German occupational health and safety act stipulates that employees must keep sufficient protective equipment for work performed in hazardous environments. This includes respiratory protection masks, which are used in a large number of industrial areas where harmful gases or chips are present. Böck Staubschutzsysteme KG is marketing the new modular lightweight (500 g) fan-assisted Clean-Space® respiratory protection system, which features a P3/TM3 filter that guarantees a filtration capacity of 99.97 % for particles from 0.3 μm in size. CleanSpace combines the protection of a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with the simple usage and lightweight design of a negative-pressure mask.

As specific requirements also exist in the various application areas regarding the filtration stage and protection of the individual areas of the face, CleanSpace offers a simple modular system made up of exchangeable components for the fan, mask type and filter, which is also perfectly suitable for people who wear glasses.

In order to ensure complete freedom of movement even when carrying out strenuous tasks, the CleanSpace systems do not have any tubes, cables or battery belts. Even the full masks do not impair the wearer either in terms of visibility or working processes: the wide panoramic visor has a sturdy, scratch-proof and solvent-resistant coating, and the silicone seal means that the lens sits perfectly on the face. An inner nose-and-mouth mask also prevents the mask from fogging up if the wearer is breathing rapidly due to performing strenuous activities. A mylar communication membrane ensures clear communication when working. The lithium-polymer battery guarantees a long operating period of up to 8 hours, with the option of rapid charging in order. After use, the CleanSpace equipment can simply be cleaned in an industrial cleaning facility or wiped down and prepared for the next use.


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