WO 2019/232195 A1

Flue gas desul-
furization system and method for perfor­ming flue gas desulfurization

(22) 30.05.2019

(43) 05.12.2019

(57) A flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system in which a buffering additive feed directly adds a buffering additive containing acetic acid to either the FGD sump or a stream of the system that is downstream of the sump. In a method for performing flue gas desulfurization, the buffering additive, containing acetic acid, is added to either the sump or the overflow. That is, the buffering additive is added to the FGD system separately from the alkaline feed slurry, which contains lime or limestone.

(71) Chemtreat, Inc., 5640 Cox Road, Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 (US)


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