WO 2020/164259 A1

Rotary lime kiln preheater with efficient flue gas desulfurization

(22) 04.11.2019

(43) 20.08.2020

(57) The present invention relates to a rotary lime kiln preheater with efficient flue gas desulfurization, comprising a preheater main body, a top material bin, a material-feeding pipe, a flue gas-discharging pipe, a push rod device, and a material-feeding chute, and further comprising a conveying pipeline for a sulfur-fixing aid, wherein the conveying pipeline for a sulfur-fixing aid is provided with a nozzle at the lower end thereof, and the nozzle is located above the material-feeding chute. In the present invention, by providing the conveying pipeline for a sulfur-fixing aid, the sulfur-fixing agent aid powder can be conveyed to the nozzle above the material-feeding (…).

(71) Jiangsu Zhongshengyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu (CN)


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