Buzzi Unicem SpA

From Municipal Solid Waste to energy

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as well as pure fractions of commercial industrial waste (CISW) can be pre-processed mechanically to “Carbon Verde (CBV)” in five steps. CBV can substitute 80 to 90 % of the pulverized coal or pet coke in cement kilns at Buzzi Unicem and helps to reduce GHG-emissions from uncontrolled landfilling and burning of fossil fuels.


In most of the cases MSW is the undifferentiated portion of “urban waste” always present and  newly produced every day. Treating MSW is on quite a different status in different countries and regions, i.e. in some countries of Northern Europe the benchmarking of municipal waste incinerators (MWI) depict the standard of treatment of any undifferentiated waste source.

However, incinerators have such a long lead-time, very high investment costs and are strongly opposed by public opinion. The existing landfilling therefore is still dumping the majority of MSW whereas additional new...

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