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From obedience to responsibility: the midmarket needs a new management culture

The management teams at numerous middle-market companies need a new mindset, because tomorrow’s young key players are bringing along a new set of values, and they are no longer willing to follow the lead of executives whose authority rests mainly on rank.

Within the next decade, many of today’s key midmarket players will be retiring, and replacing them will be a central concern for many middle-market companies. Already, it is plain to see that demographic change is going to leave some mid-range companies with too few qualified employees. At the same time, a young, new generation of women and men are moving in with a strong commitment but a different set of values. For them, work is a means of earning a livelihood, and they want it to be satisfying and to offer creative latitude.

1 Modern management culture as a bottleneck

When companies are vying...

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