WO 2017/047467 A1

Gypsum heating method, gypsum heating device, and gypsum manufacturing method

(22) 07.09.2016

(43) 23.03.2017

(57) [Problem] To provide a gypsum heating method, a gypsum heating device, and a gypsum manufacturing method with which drying-firing performance is improved, large scale processing of gypsum is simplified, and miniaturization is possible. [Solution] A method for heating gypsum by using a heating device, wherein a rotary cylinder is rotated such that the critical speed ratio α defined by formula 1 and formula 2 reaches at least 15 % and less than 70 %, and the gypsum is heated. Formula 1: Vc = 2.21D1/2 Formula 2: α = V/Vc·100 In the formulas, Vc is the critical speed (m/s) of the rotary cylinder, D is the inner diameter (m) of the rotary cylinder, α is the critical speed ratio (%) of the rotary cylinder, and V is the rotational speed (m/s) of the rotary cylinder.

(71) Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd (JP)


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