GB 2598519 A

Gypsum recycling

(22) 02.12.2021

(43) 02.03.2022

(57) (Abstract title) Gypsum plasterboard recycling: A method and system (1, Fig 1) for recycling plasterboard waste incorporating non-plasterboard waste materials such as wires, wall plugs etc, comprises a primary crushing station (3, Fig 3), in which plasterboard waste is fragmented by a coal crusher. Fragmented waste then goes to a primary separation station (4) having a trommel screen with 20-30 mm mesh and internal ribs, in which the crushed plasterboard waste material is separated into a process stream and a waste stream. Process stream material is passed through a secondary crushing station (8) in the form of a hammer mill, and waste stream material is passed through a primary waste-separation station (5), in which it falls by gravity whilst being subjected to an airflow to separate paper waste fragments from the waste stream towards a recycled paper bay. A secondary separation station having a flat deck vibratory screen with 6-10 mm mesh may be positioned between primary and secondary crushing stations, Magnetic separation may occur prior to the primary crushing station / stage, in which three stages of magnetic separation may be utilised. A pre-crushing stage where material may be fragmented by a pair of conical toothed rollers may also be included before the primary crushing stage is carried out.

(71) Roy Hatfield Limited (Incorporated in the United Kingdom) Fullerton Road, Rotherham, S60 1DH, United Kingdom


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