Increasing the availability of high-precision dosing systems by remote maintenance ­solutions and pro-active service

This article provides an overview of typical concepts and methods for the usage of remote maintenance procedures and corresponding proactive services by using the example of high-precision bulk material dosing systems. The technical aspects for the realization of remote access solutions are described against the background of heterogeneous IT-infra­structures in modern cement plants and actual IT security discussions. Furthermore, cor­responding possibilities for a proactive service and maintenance concept are introduced. It can be shown that the reasonable implementation of such services leads to an enormous cost reduction and a parallel increase of the plant availability.

1 Introduction

Efficiency and cost reduction have become the most important economic drivers for cement plants worldwide, in order to guarantee a long-term profitability. In this context the optimisation of energy resources and raw material supply are important factors, which are already considered at most plants. However, a simultaneous increase of machine availability and the reduction of maintenance costs are not less important, in order to utilise the full potential of those measures.

Today the daily work within the cement industry, both at headquarters and plant offices, is mainly...

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