RU2584813 (C1)

Installation for dehydration of gypsum

(22) 19.02.2015

(43) 20.05.2016

(57) Field: mining. Substance: invention relates to installation for dehydration of gypsum. Plant includes a housing, a source of heat carrier, a shaft for movement of heat carrier with inhibitors of heat carrier movement, a shaft for roasting material inclined to horizon line, loading and unloading bins. Plant is equipped with partition made from heat-conducting material, for example copper, separating shafts from each other, and a cam mounted on housing with possibility of rotation, equipped with drive and interacting with roller secured to one of shafts, shaft for heat carrier flow is located below shaft for roasting material, wherein both shafts are made of rectangular section, and are fixed with possibility of being moved along their long sides and spring-loaded in direction of motion. Effect: simplified design of installation for dehydration of gypsum. 1 cl, 2 dwg

(73) Mantashjan Pavel Nikolaevich (RU)


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