WO2021100628 (A1)

Gypsum slurry dehydration system

(22) 13.11.2020

(43) 27.05.2021

(57) A gypsum slurry dehydration system for dehydrating gypsum slurry discharged from a flue gas desulfurization apparatus comprises: a conveying device having a conveying belt for conveying the gypsum slurry on a filter cloth; a filter cloth cleaning device that has an ejection part capable of ejecting a filter cloth cleaning liquid onto the filter cloth; a filtrate storage tank configured to store a filtrate separated from the gypsum slurry by the filter cloth; a filtrate discharge line configured to send the filtrate stored in the filtrate storage tank to a wastewater treatment facility that performs treatment to discharge the filtrate to the outside of the system; and a filter cloth cleaning liquid storage tank that is different from the filtrate storage tank and is configured to store at least the filter cloth cleaning liquid ejected from the ejection part onto the filter cloth.

(71) Sugita Satoru (JP); Kamiyama Naoyuki (JP); Sasaki Ryozo (JP); Sato Yuichiro (JP)


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