Investigations on composite cement ­containing Indian fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag

The paper highlights the performance results of various cement blends obtained, the reaction mechanisms involved vis-à-vis the scope for simultaneous use of these materials in cement. The results indicated that in a ternary blend of fly ash, GBFS and clinker, up to 50 % of the clinker can be replaced gainfully without affecting the performance in a mortar sample. The experimentation on concrete and its durability continues.

The world today faces the gravest challenge in terms of the ever increasing level of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on global warming coupled with fast depleting natural resources. The use of various kinds of industrial wastes, mine rejects and by-products such as fly ash from thermal power plants, granulated blast furnace slag and other slags from steel plants, low grade limestone from mineral processing industries and cement plants, lead-zinc slag from zinc smelters, copper slag from copper smelters, equilibrium catalyst from refineries, jerosite and kimberlite from the mineral...

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