Jörg Ertle new President for the European plaster and plasterboard industry

Eurogypsum, the European Manufacturers Association for Plaster and Plasterboard Products, has chosen Jörg Ertle as its new President. The association’s Board of Directors unanimously elected the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Belgium-headquartered company Etex for a two-year presidency. This election was announced on the occasion of Eurogypsum’s 60th anniversary congress in Brussels on 28 April 2022.

Jörg Ertle will succeed in this role to Emmanuel Normant, Vice-President for Sustainable Development for the Saint-Gobain Group, who will take over the position of Vice-President of Eurogypsum, therefore ensuring full continuity in the leadership of the association. Christoph Dorn, Managing Director of Knauf Group Central Europe and Chairman of the Management Board of Knauf Gips KG, becomes the new Treasurer of the EU association.

Ertle, a German citizen, graduated in mining and mineral engineering from the RWTH University Aachen and holds a PhD in environment technology from the Berlin Technical University. He has over 20 years’ experience in the gypsum industry, having held managerial positions in the supply and manufacturing activities of Lafarge, later acquired by Etex. After being in charge of the group’s worldwide gypsum sourcing until 2019, Ertle became the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Etex Group.

The new president has long been involved in Eurogypsum’s activities as a member of the different working groups in charge of raw material policies and chairing the association’s Environment and Sustainability Committee for the past four years.

Eurogypsum is committed to promoting a sustainable built environment in Europe. Gypsum is a natural product used to manufacture plaster and plasterboards, which are widely used in buildings all over the world. Plasterboards, which are easy to install and dismantle, are particularly valued for their fire protection, sound, and thermal insulation properties. They can also store and release humidity according to the ambient air quality. Eurogypsum has long been involved in projects to improve the quality of buildings and close the loop between production, span of use, recycling and reuse of plasterboards; gypsum having the unique property of being infinitely recyclable.


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