GB 2588536 A

Metal oxide cement

(22) 24.03.2014

(43) 28.04.2021

(57) (Abstract title:) A metal oxide cement containing naturally occurring silicate in an organic binder: A cement is disclosed, comprising: a naturally occurring silicate bound in an organic binder, a metal oxide, and a chemical activator in an effective amount for dissolving the binder at least in part, so that the silicate reacts with other components of the cement, the silicate participates in crystal growth, and the cement is a structural load bearing cement. The metal oxide may be alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide or iron oxide. The naturally occurring silicate in an organic binder may be a plant material, e.g. straw, untreated rice, hemp, wood waste, sugar cane, sisal, or coir. The activator can be a ligand or a chelating agent such as EDTA, or it may be a mineral acid such as boric acid, or an etching agent, or organic acid, or amino acid derivative, or an amphoteric compound, or alkali, or a biochemical such as dopamine or dopac, or it may be a salt e.g. comprising monosodium glutamate. There may also be an alkali silicate and a pozzolanic compound or synthetic pozzolanic substitute present.

(71) Trevor Cyril Waters, Unit 204/7 Warayama Place, Rozeville 2039, Sydney, NSW, Australia (AU)


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