US 2020/0261845 A1

Method and apparatus for reducing mercury content of cement kiln exhaust gas

(22) 13.11.2017

(43) 20.08.2020

(57) An apparatus for reducing mercury content of cement kiln exhaust gas 11 comprising: a mixing and heating device 19 for mixing cement kiln dusts D2, D4 included in a cement kiln combustion exhaust gas G1 into a cement raw material R2 withdrawn from a cyclone 4C (or 4B) other than the highest stage cyclone 4D and the lowest stage cyclone 4A of a preheater 4 for preheating cement raw material R1 while heating the cement kiln dusts D2, D4 through sensible heat of the cement raw material R2; a mercury recovery device 21 for recovering mercury Hg vaporized from the cement kiln dusts D2, D4 by the mixing and heating; and a feeder for feeding mercury-removed dusts D5, D6 discharged from the mixing and heating device 19 to a cyclone 4B (or 4A) positioning at a lower stage from the cyclone 4C (or 4B) from which the cement raw material R2 is withdrawn.

(71) Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation, Tokyo (JP)


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