WO2018158057 (A1)

Method and plant for producing cement

(22) 08.02.2018

(43) 07.09.2018

(57) In the method according to the invention for producing cement, initially in a cement clinker process cement clinker is produced from cement raw meal to form a pollutant-containing offgas. The cement clinker is subsequently milled into cement in a cement mill in a cement milling process. Here at least some of the offgas formed in the cement clinker process is admixed with pozzolan to bind pollutants and said pozzolan is subsequently separated in a filter as pollutant-enriched pozzolan. Subsequently at least some of the pollutant-enriched pozzolan is added to the cement clinker upstream and/or downstream of the cement mill.

(71) thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG (DE)

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