RU 2 735 004 C1

Method for production of dry construction mixtures

(22) 14.03.2019

(45) 27.10.2020

(57) Field: production of construction materials. Substance: invention relates to production of dry construction mixtures by combined mechanoactivation of cement and dolomite, followed by modification of dry construction mixtures with carbon nanostructures. Present invention aims at reducing the number of chemical additives while maintaining standardized properties of physical and chemical properties and improving workability of the mixture. Given task is solved due to the method of production of dry construction mixtures, including combined mechanical activation of cement or materials based on it, with addition of dolomite 30% using a Hint disintegrator with subsequent modification with carbon nanotubes in a multi-chamber dosing mixer operating on a „smaller to larger“ principle, the optimum content of which is 0.005%, wherein mixing of carbon nanotubes with cement takes place in 4 stages: 0.005 g of CNT per 100 g of cement, 100 g of cement with CNT per 1 kg of cement, 1 kg of cement with CNT per 10 kg of cement, 10 kg of cement with CNT per 100 kg of cement, obtained mixture as a super concentrate is used for preparation of the main mixture: 100 kg of cement with CNT are mixed with 2000 kg of dry construction mixture in main mixer, then, the newly obtained mixture undergoes mechanical activation in the Hint disintegrator, where it is ground and homogenized. Effect: technical result of this method of CNT mixing with the main component of dry construction mixtures – cement – it was possible to achieve use of microscopic (0.005%) amounts of CNTs in CCC; thereby reducing the production cost of the obtained mixture; moreover, due to increased strength, faster material hardening, it becomes possible to reduce their consumption, which is an additional factor of reducing the production cost of mixtures.

(73) Obshchestvo s ogranichennoj otvetstvennostyu “TSENTR RESTAVRATSII” (RU)


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