RU2665024 (C1)

Method of “hot reconciliation” of the axis position of a rotary kiln

(22) 02.05.2017

(43) 24.08.2018

(57) Field: manufacturing technology. Substance: invention relates to the areas of production of materials using rotary kilns, for example, in the cement, metallurgical, chemical industries, and is intended for alignment of rotary kilns during operation. Method makes it possible to accurately align the axis of the rotary kiln without stopping it, taking into account the actual deformation of the furnace elements from the effects of thermal and dynamic loads. Reconciliation is carried out using a special mobile measuring device using precision vertical projection devices. Effect: technical result is the possibility of obtaining correction values for adjusting the position of the axis of a rotary kiln with a length of more than 100 m with accuracy ±1 mm. 3c l, 7dwg

(71) Zao MMK Mosintrast (RU)


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