PL433120 (A1)

Method of reducing the amount of cement in cementitious compositions and the cementitious composition made according to this method

(22) 02.03.2020

(43) 06.09.2021

(57) The subject of the application is a method of reducing the amount of cement in cement mixtures, in which cement is replaced with another binder, characterized by the fact that in the binder of the cement mixture, the reduced amount of cement or cement with fly ash is replaced one to one with granite flour, using in the cement mixture as binder mixture where 70-90 wt% is cement or fly ash cement and 10-30 wt% is granite flour. The cement mixture containing binder and water, and preferably also filler and admixtures, is characterized in that the binder is a mixture of which 70-90% by weight is cement or cement with fly ash, and 10-30% by weight is granite flour.

(71) Politechnika Wrocławska (PL)


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