WO 2022/006230 A1

Methods and systems for forming vaterite from calcined limestone using electric kiln

(22) 30.06.2021

(43) 06.01.2022

(57) Provided herein are zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emission processes and systems to carry out the processes, comprising a) calcining limestone in a cement plant in an electric kiln to form a mixture comprising calcium oxide and a first gaseous stream comprising clean carbon dioxide, wherein the clean carbon dioxide comprises no gaseous or non-gaseous components from combustion of fuel; b) treating the mixture comprising calcium oxide with a N-containing salt solution under one or more dissolution conditions to produce a first aqueous solution comprising calcium salt; and c) contacting the first aqueous solution with the first gaseous stream comprising clean carbon dioxide under one or more precipitation conditions to produce a precipitation material comprising vaterite, aragonite, calcite, or combinations thereof.

(71) Arelac, Inc., 251 E. Hacienda Avenue, Suite B, Campbell, California 95008 (US)


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