Moisture content measurement with Litronic-FMS

In many industries, quality assurance and optimization of end products is absolutely dependent on reliable measurement and correction of the moisture content of process materials. The cement industry, with its powdery intermediate and finished products, is no exception. Liebherr Mischtechnik GmbH of Bad Schussenried supplies the Litronic-FMS, a moisture measurement system that is ideal for all kinds of bulk materials – ranging from diverse powders and granules to emulsions and many other chemical and petrochemical applications.

Wear is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the extremely durable zirconium oxide ceramic surface of the sensor, and to the stainless steel housing of the Litronic-FMS. Extensive interfaces ensure easy integration of the moisture measurement into process control and machine control systems. It is even possible to connect the Litronic-FMS system to an Ethernet infrastructure provided by the customer.

The system, consisting of the “smart” moisture sensor, the evaluation electronics and user-friendly software, allows optimum moisture level determination and monitoring of the production process. For each evaluation module, up to 16 sensors can be connected and networked. The moisture content of the medium is measured in situ, i.e. in real time.The microprocessor incorporated into the sensor ensures complete reproducibility, making recalibration unnecessary if extra sensors are subsequently added to the system or if the sensor is changed.

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