Mortar pad production expanded

As of immediately, the Maxit operations base in Azendorf, Upper Franconia, is enjoying an additional new mortar pad production hall and a progressive lime kiln. At the inaugural ceremony on 09.07.2016, Bavarian Economics Minister Ilse Aigner dedicated the new plant and equipment before an audience of some 1000 invited guests. Thanks to the new hall, mortar pads can now be produced simultaneously on as many as 27 production lines – compared to the previous five. Soon, Maxit will be turning out up to 200 000 pads per day – enough for about 66 single-family homes. “Our investment was necessary,” explains Franken Maxit Managing Partner Hans-Dieter Groppweis, “because our previous scale of production no longer sufficed to meet demand.”

Until now, Maxit has been producing solely for the German market, but export opportunities are being investigated. The mortar pad trademark (German name Mörtelpad) is internationally valid, and a European patent is pending. Besides, these pads are so simple to use, that they are practically predestined to breach barriers of language and construction practice.

According to the company’s own estimate, some 200 building contractors already know how to use the pads correctly. A new ­version of the accompanying wetting system is in the pipeline, too.

New lime kiln

In addition, a recently commissioned new lime kiln is catering to both higher energy efficiency and significantly higher capacities. At a height of nearly 60 m, it redefines the premises’ skyline. As one of the most modern of its kind in Europe, the new lime kiln complements Maxit’s other two kilns dating from 1973 and 1996. The main goal here was to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of the calcination process. For example, the new kiln more than triples the company’s daily quicklime output, from around 60 t to about 200 t. During the heating season, Franken Maxit draws on the exhaust heat from the process to keep the administration building warm.

These new investments all contribute to a large-scale ­expansion project at the company headquarters in Azendorf. ­According to the company, some 20 million € are being spent on modernization and expansion measures.

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