New servicing workshop for fast, inexpensive fan overhauls

Across the cement industry, significantly less money is being invested in ventilation systems nowadays. Instead, existing systems are being kept in service as long as possible. With a view to helping their customers do so, TLT-Turbo GmbH, one of the largest fan manufacturers in the world, opened a new servicing workshop in Bad Hersfeld in early November 2017. This shop performs overhaul inspections and repairs on all types of large radial and axial industrial fans weighing up to 30 t. On floor space totaling 1300 m², the new shop building has three bays housing a quality assurance section and separate production and assembly areas. The new servicing workshop provides customers with fast, flexible, uncomplicated maintenance assistance. Rapid processing is a particularly essential requirement, since rapid replacement of rotors and those in need of repair is crucial. The service workshop is therefore offering three types of overhauls, each with its own characteristic, standardized procedure for diagnosis and repair. In addition to standard-type and findings-oriented maintenance inspections, the shop now also offers an express version that only takes between four and six weeks. Normally, conventional maintenance and repair would take some six months longer than that.

Despite the short duration, TLT-Turbo can guarantee utmost quality thanks to component testing, rotor function testing, quality assurance inspections and surface crack examinations. The new service center has duly qualified personnel and all the requisite machinery and test equipment for dismantling, cleaning, diagnosing, repairing, reassembling and balancing fans, and maintains close ties to the manufacturers’ relevant specialist departments, e.g., design engineering and quality assurance.

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