New turbo blowers for pressure boosts up to 1.4 bar

For low-pressure applications with pressure boosts from 0.3 to 1.4 bar, Atlas Copco has launched a new generation of centrifugal blowers. According to the manufacturer, the direct-driven, variable-speed drive units in the ZB 5-6 VSD+ series are among the most efficient oil-free turbo blowers on the market. Thanks to their integrated VSD+ variable-speed drive motors, the blowers can continuously adapt the volume flow rate to the requirements of the individual process. Together with a large number of design improvements, this results in considerable energy savings. The ZB blowers are certified for oil-free compression in accordance with ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and minimize the risk of product contamination by entrained oil.

Thanks to the direct drive system of the ZB blowers, users with low-pressure applications benefit from precisely, efficiently controlled volume flow rates and extremely constant volume flow rates where these are required. Applications include wastewater treatment plants, pneumatic conveyor systems in the food, cosmetics and building materials industry and flue gas desulphurization – a process that requires continuous air supply round-the-clock and cannot tolerate any downtimes. The turbo blowers in the ZB 5-6 VSD+ series, which feature motors with magnetic bearings, are well-suited to meet these requirements. They operate highly reliably and always ensure safe operation irrespective of process conditions.

Internal pressure drops minimized

Furthermore, the designers of the new generation of ZB turbo blowers have minimized internal pressure drops and temperature rises. They have succeeded in reducing the air intake temperature to a minimum and ensuring that the flow path through the unit offers as little flow resistance as possible. The ambient air is routed direct to the rotor, which means that the blower operates at lower air temperatures than other units, ensuring higher efficiency. Together with the low internal pressure losses, this plays a key role in reducing energy consumption and therefore power costs. The lower temperatures also prolong the service life of the entire unit.

The new ZB blowers are controlled by an Elektronikon controller ensuring high reliability and easy networking with higher-level systems. The controller also provides extended warning signals with reference to service and operating parameters, ensuring special protection for production.

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