More efficient bulk material handling with new compressors and blowers

Atlas Copco’s stand will highlight new technologies for the efficient handling of bulk materials. In Nuremberg, Atlas Copco will be presenting its new oil-free screw compressors in the ZE 3 S series for the first time.

The ZE 3 S compressors

The ZE 3 S deliver compressed air in the low pressure range from 1.5 to 2.5 bar gauge and are available with ratings from 37 to 90 kilowatts (kW). Potential customers could also come from the cement and gypsum industries. The units can also be used for unloading trucks carrying construction materials, for example.

Atlas Copco has installed the latest oil free screw elements in its ZE 3 S compressors. They deliver air which is up to 100 % oil-free in accordance with ISO 8573-1, class 0, for critical applications at extremely low life-cycle costs. The gear housing is extremely sturdy and the motor is fully encapsulated to degree of protection IP 55. It is therefore protected against penetration by dust. Thanks to the innovative design of these units, the initial investment is even lower than for the previous ZE and ZA compressors. The efficiency of these units has been improved by 7 % compared with the previous ZE 2 and ZE 3 models.

Thinks to the compact plug and play design, the new ZE 3 S compressors are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Customers can change the scope of supplies flexibly for example by ordering a compressor without a motor or starter if they are OEMs and want to integrate the compressor into their own systems. The compressors are designed for operation at ambient temperatures between -20°C and +50°C.

New screw blowers for applications below 1.5 bar gauge

This year, the new ZS 4 VSD+ series screw blowers, with ratings from 37 to 90 kW, will be another highlight of Atlas Copco for the industry. These units also deliver oilfree compressed air but are designed for operating pressures below the values of the ZE, up to 1.5 bar. The new ZS blowers combine the tried and tested screw technology with innovative components. In this way, a high reliability and efficiency is achieved. The blowers supply TÜV-certified oilfree compressed air for pneumatic conveyor applications.

IE5 permanent magnet motor reaches 97 % efficiency

These blowers have such a compact design that they take up only about half as much space as their predecessors with similar ratings. The high efficiency levels of the ZS 4 VSD+ are achieved thanks to features such as a specially coated rotor and a motor with efficiency class IE5. The new screw blowers are driven by a permanent magnet motor which has a virtually constant efficiency of 97% over the entire control range of the motor – also in part-load operation. The units are operated with the latest variable speed drive technology (VSD+).

This means that efficiency is increased even with fluctuating loads, reducing the energy consumption of the ZS blowers by up to 10 % compared with their predecessors.

With the ZS 4 VSD+, pressure and temperature are continuously monitored, ensuring high reliability and efficiency. The screw blowers operate with a single-stage, direct-driven screw element and use up to 30 % less energy than a lobe blower thanks to internal compression. Their wide control range means they can be used flexibly for many different processes.

New oil-free lobe blowers for low initial investment

In Nuremberg, Atlas Copco is also exhibiting its economical ZL 2 VSD lobe blowers, which are very inexpensive. In addition, the ZL units are extremely reliable and have very low maintenance requirements. Like the ZS 4 VSD+, the lobe blower delivers TÜV-certified absolutely oil-free compressed air in accordance with ISO 8573-1 class 0. The blower is supplied as a unit complete with controller and inverter. The inverter integrated in the system is programmed ready for use and adapted to the lobe blower. This makes installation easier for the user as there is no need for separate installation, wiring or programming of the inverter.

The ZL lobe blowers boost the air pressure by between 300 and 1000 mbar and are available with power requirements from 1.1 to 315 kW in finely graduated stages.

Atlas Copco generally recommends ZS screw blowers for pressure increases of 450 mbar and more. The lower power costs justify the higher purchase price and the additional investment is recouped in a very short space of time.


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