US 2015/0210593 A1

Optimised vertical-shaft kiln for producing sulfoaluminous clinker

(22) 12.07.2013

(43) 30.07.2015

(57) The invention relates to a vertical-shaft kiln (2) for manufacturing a ­clinker, including:

a tubular enclosure (4) comprising from top to bottom:

– a feeder section (14);

– a decarbonatation section (16) exhibiting a slanted lower surface (16a);

– a clinkering section (18) exhibiting a slanted lower surface (18a);

– a first collection section (20) extending substantially vertically;

first extraction means (42) arranged for extracting the clinker from the first collection section (20);

means arranged for generating a first gas exhibiting a temperature ranging between 950 °C and 1250 °C, and for supplying the first gas in the decarbonatation section (16);

means arranged for generating a second oxidizing gas exhibiting a temperature ranging between 1250 °C and 1450 °C, and for supplying the second oxidizing gas in the clinkering section (18); and

first suction means for suctioning the first and second gas from the feeder section (14).

(71) Vicat, Paris La Defense (FR)


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