Perfect dosing – precise and reproducible

For people operating industrial production facilities in the bulk solids industry, steadily escalating product-characteristic requirements and rising quality standards make it challenging to handle very small quantities of pigments and other additives. Since such additives often exert a crucial influence on the multifunctional characteristics of the end products, any deviation in dosage can have major impacts. Therefore it is particularly important for the investor/operator to choose and install reliable systems. This article presents a potential system approach with which to get and keep the matter under close control, with maximum accuracy and flexibility.

1 Introduction

Across the bulk solids processing industry, the automatic dosing of small and very small quantities still presents a challenge, especially with regard to the precision and reproducibility of completed production orders. Manual dosing can lower both productivity and efficiency while increasing the risk of human error.

Dosing, weighing and feeding are routine tasks in the bulk solids processing industry. Today’s plants are designed for the completely automated addition of major, intermediate and minor constituents and their further processing. However, many very small-quantity...

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