US 2016/0289118 A1

Process for accelerating the strength of cement with a low-temperature drying process for drying calcium sulfite scrubber residue produced from a wet flue gas desulfurization (scrubber) system

(22) 14.07.2015

(43) 06.10.2016

(57) A method is provided for reducing the amount of Old Portland Cement that is to be mixed with interground fly ash in the manufacture of cement having a 120 slag performance by intergrinding fly ash with a dried calcium sulfite scrubber residue from a desulfurization process in which the agglomerated dried calcium sulfite is dried at a low temperature not exceeding 250° F. to increase the strength of the interground fly ash by as much as 40 % for allowing the reduction in the amount of Old Portland Cement from 50 % to 30 %, thus to reduce cement cost.

(71) VHSC, Ltd., Tortola (VG)


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