KR101849927 (B1)

An agent for high strength of ternary blended cement and ternary blended cement including the same

(22) 04.07.2017

(43) 20.04.2018

(57) The present invention relates to a toughening agent composition for ternary mixed cement and a ternary mixed cement comprising the same, wherein the ternary strength cement reinforcing composition comprises 30 to 80 parts by weight of calcium aluminate slag; 5-15 parts by weight of petro coke flue gas desulfurization gypsum; 5-15 parts by weight of circulating fluidized bed boiler ash; and 5 to 30 parts by weight of an alkali stimulant; thereby providing a technique of promoting the initial hydration reaction rate and improving the initial strength of the ternary cement, reducing the waste disposal cost of industrial byproducts and preventing environmental pollution do. According to the present invention, by stimulating calcium oxide (Ca0) in ordinary Portland cement and blast furnace slag fine powder and activating the ettringite reaction of fly ash, the low initial strength problem of existing ternary cement is solved and it has an effect of stably expressing the medium and long-term strength. Also, since the present invention can recycle industrial by-products that are inevitably generated in industrial processes, it can be used as a strength- enhancing composition for ternary mixed cement, thereby reducing the processing cost required for disposing industrial by-products and preventing environmental pollution.

(71) K Hana Cement Company Inc (KR)


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