Reliable on-site identification,
elemental analysis and screening

Spectro Analytical Instruments, based at Kleve/Germany has introduced the new xSORT family of handheld EDXRF spectrometers for onsite elemental analysis and spectrochemical testing in the plant or in challenging field locations. Each of the three versions of the energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers delivers repeatable, laboratory-quality results in a matter of seconds and is optimized for fatigue-free on-site measurements. Moreover, the proven field-ready design features simple user-friendly displays and efficient ergonomics to make the devices extremely easy to use.

The xSORT Alloy handheld XRF is designed for affordable metals identification and is ideal for the quick incoming inspection of materials. This entry-level model employs an innovative silicon PIN (Si-PIN) detector and delivers grade identification of metals in seconds without extensive analysis.

Featuring a top-of-the-line silicon drift detector (SDD), the xSORT AlloyPlus provides reliable, high-productivity measurement and analysis. The instrument performs metal grade analysis in only two seconds for most alloys, or, in just ten additional seconds, sorts alloys containing “light” elements, such as magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorous, and sulfur. It’s also designed for advanced metals analysis and is ideal for use with scrap metals sorting and positive material identification (PMI).

The xSORT NonAlloy for fast element screening is Spectro’s handheld XRF with a large area silicon drift detector (SDD). It delivers fast, reliable measurement and elemental analysis of nonmetallic materials with an outstanding level of performance. It generates high-productivity spot checks in a few seconds, or holds on to the sample longer for laboratory-quality results. Thus, the xSORT NonAlloy is ideal for environmental and RoHS compliance screening, as well as for geological exploration.

All three xSORT EDXRF spectrometers offer a host of features from low detection limits down to the ppm range for heavy metals, to an interface bezel with operator-defined hot keys to maximize speed of common tasks, to “live” analysis results, to wireless LAN and more.



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