Repeat order from Indian Birla Group

In October 2013, the Kolkata-based Birla Corporation Ltd. (MP Birla Group, India) placed an order with Gebr. Pfeiffer SE, Kaiserslautern/Germany, for the supply of a further MPS 2800 BK for its works in Satna. The drive power of 800 kW enables the grinding 28 t/h of pet coke to a product fineness of 2 % R90 µm. The specific power consumption of this difficult-to-grind material will be about 21 kWh/t. Inert gases from the cement rotary kiln will be used for drying.

Gebr. Pfeiffer SE will supply the core components of the mill from Europe. The remaining parts such as foundation parts and the housing as well as the classifier will be delivered by Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida, from India. There will also be done the plant layout and the extensive engineering.


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