Silicate coatings for concrete components with waterglass systems by means of ­neutral salt initiation

The objective of the investigations was the proof of the use of the neutral salt initiation as a construction material in the protecting silicate coating of concrete components, e.g. industry floors, factory finished parts or reinforced concrete construction parts, by means of waterglass fused silica suspensions.

1 Colloid formation and sol-gel transition in

waterglass solutions

As early as around 1950, publications appeared describing and/or correlating the turbidity appearances and increasing viscosities of “aging” alkali waterglass solutions with the aid of the advanced light scattering measurement technology and establishing a relation to the formation of colloidal particles In “filtrated” sodium waterglass solutions with increasing waterglass module, particles with molecular weights of up to 10 000 (molar module 3.75) were found [1]. What is particularly remarkable is that a work by Brady and...

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