The gypsum blown through the pipe

Knauf has recently invested around € 33 million in the Rottleberode site in the southern Harz region – and in 2017 a modern fibreboard plant was taken into operation. Cellulose and stucco are the main components of the boards, which are very versatile in interior design applications. A pipe system is used to transport the fired and finely ground natural stone between the gypsum and fibreboard plants. Aerzen screw compressors type Delta Screw provide the appropriate pressure and volume flow during pneumatic transport.

The energy revolution will make the gypsum industry increasingly dependent on natural stone deposits in the future. The entire industry is in a state of upheaval, because the FGD gypsum produced in the desulphurisation plants of lignite-fired power plants is a dying breed due to the shutdown of these power plants. On the other hand, the possible applications of gypsum are becoming more and more diversified for example: fire-retardant or water-repellent gypsum plasterboard, plaster, flowing screed and gypsum fibre board are just some of the applications in the construction industry. No industry...

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