Time to set new goals

Dear readers of ZKG International, another year is drawing to a close, leaving us wondering just where all the time has gone.

But before we plunge into a new, exciting year with a host of fresh challenges, we would certainly do well to wind down a little and review the past year. What went well – what perhaps not so well? What goals have we achieved, where do we have to renew our efforts?

There is one project close to my heart which we were regretfully unable to realize in 2018, our student field trip. Here we bring students together with the industry suppliers at a cement plant. Unfortunately, we were not able to find enough industry partners to support us this year. Why don’t you join us? Don’t you need any young professionals and specialists? The many job advertisements say otherwise. With our student excursion, we try to get future specialists and managers interested in our industry. For many students, the field trip is their first time in a cement plant and they leave impressed. If we don’t take this opportunity, we abandon these young people to rival industries, which often do much more to win them over. The situation on the job market will not ease off, on the contrary, it is likely to become even more tense. There are cement plants that would welcome us. Now, it’s up to the suppliers. So, I appeal to all suppliers: Get involved with the student field trip in 2019! Make a commitment to getting young people into our industry.

For the New Year, we wish you all the best, health and happiness, exciting new projects and great success with their realization. We, your team at the journal ZKG International, should be delighted if you would accompany us through 2019 and we could welcome you as a partner for the student field trip!


Anett Fischer


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