Just returning from our
ZKG student excursion…

I realized how cement making can bring people together. On this excursion companies came for recruiting and presenting themselves and their business unit, and to meet universities and their students looking for employment or themes for their Master’s thesis right on time.

Almost the first impression is to realize that all of them are people who are open-minded, curious, fun-loving or also restrained and quiet, others are volunteers or have an interesting hobby. But all  attendees are interested  in a profession - not only a job!

The old timers mixed together with the youngsters discuss and exchange experiences and stories. Secondly, they  talk about the proceedings and all the trappings, which also makes the cement manufacturing process so interesting. They all talk about the bigger picture, with laughter and discussion.

In this month’s issue we have again collected all the interesting topics related to the kiln process. So, you will find product news on a new burner, as a device for RDF drying, as well as important statements on fracking and the legal status of waste derived fuels. The designing and monitoring of piping and industry 4.0 are also dedicated to the kiln process, such as a new weighing and metering system. The production of plaster is presented more deeply. Innovations in the thermography equipment are easier to handle, and, when talking about hot spots, we are  soon dealing with the subject of refractory lining.

Finally, we will take an insight into the Customs Union cement market and examine the issue of security in the logistic sector. Naturally, we  were able to attend the annual meeting of the VDZ, where again young and the old colleagues met to talk about the bigger picture, with laughter and discussion.

With this in mind, I hope you will find enough things here to discuss. Wishing you enjoyable reading!

Dr. Hubert Baier
ZKG International


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