Treatment of bypass dust in cement manufacturing

Indexing belt filters from BHS-Sonthofen enable the bypass dust accruing during clinker manufacturing to be completely reincorporated into the process by using up to 100 % of more cost-effective alternative fuels in cement kilns. Reincorporation of the salvaged bypass dust increases cement production by up to 3 %. Proof is provided by a new plant having a 20 000 t annual capacity that the method works reliably on a commercial scale.

1 Introduction

Fuels such as coal, oil or gas used to manufacture cement are increasingly being replaced by clearly more cost-effective alternative fuels such as car tires, plastics, sludge and municipal and industrial waste. The percentage in Europe has already increased to around 60 % and will rise even further in the years to come.

More chlorides are released in the combustion process, however, when using alternative fuels, in comparison to fossil fuels. These chloride salts evaporate in the sintering zone, which result in the formation of internal circuits (gas recirculation). The subsequent...

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