Ubiquitous secure access to data and systems

To best enable system-control access for the remote servicing of individual items of plant equipment, IKN relies on security solutions from WatchGuard Technologies. But for this cement plant specialist, WatchGuard also provides a strong ’security-to-go’ option for work on-site and boosts security at the company’s own data centre.

1 Introduction

As a middle-market engineering firm, IKN GmbH in Neustadt near Hanover has been thriving since 1982 in the international cement plant construction sector, with core competences centring on clinker firing and cooling processes. With more than 650 installations all over the world, IKN is a market leader when it comes to fitting out new cement plants or implementing modernization and conversion projects at any point along the cement processing chain – from preheater to cooler. Of course, the IKN repertoire also includes the appropriate maintenance services. As René Clausing, Head of...

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