eANVterminal: Self service accelerates procedures

Fritz & Macziol of Ulm/Germany now offer a new solution called eANVterminal, which enables consignment notes to be directly signed within the framework of the electronic waste documentation procedure by the carrier or haulier. As one of the first users, Schönmackers Environmental Services GmbH & Co. KG of Kerpen/Germany has successfully introduced this extension of the eANVportal. Both in hazardous waste interim storage facilities and in waste disposal and recycling centres for liquid wastes, the truck drivers now sign consignment notes stored in the eANVportal independently and electronically via a barcode scanner.

“The new signature terminal is well accepted by the drivers and has in most cases been operated without errors. The system noticeably reduces the routine workload of staff at the reception bays of the facilities, and due especially to its user-friendliness results in a faster workflow, reports Schönmackers Managing Director Udo Hoffmann. ”The users – most of whom are truck drivers – quickly get used to using the system, so that intervention by specialist staff is hardly ever necessary”, says Udo Hoffmann regarding experience with the new solution. Schönmackers Environmental Services are therefore now going to introduce the eANVterminal at other recycling facilities. “Our aim is to execute all orders as economically and ecologically-compatible as possible in the interests of our customers. Tools like the eANVterminal are a valuable aid towards achieving this aim”, Udo Hoffmann concludes. The target group for the new eANVterminal are producers and consumers of waste materials (incineration plants, waste-fuelled power stations, cement plants, etc.).

The system is either offered as a pure software solution or as a complete system that includes the hardware, with touch screen terminal and bar code or signature card reader. The truck driver signature procedure can be configured. Current consignment notes can be displayed on the terminal both on the basis of the truck license plate number or the consignment note number, or by reading out the barcode on the consignment note. After electronic signature, the document is automatically made available in the eANVportal for further processing. The driver himself/herself does not require any login credentials for the eANVportal, simply signing with the aid of a signature card.


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