World Cement Association welcomes Sinoma Cement

The World Cement Association announced today that Sinoma Cement, one of China’s most influential cement companies, is the latest addition to its international membership spanning 35 countries. Sinoma joins as a Corporate Member.
“Sinoma Cement was one of the first Chinese companies to pursue an international business strategy, and we naturally look forward to working with an organisation that values the importance of a global network,” said Norman Greig, Secretary General of the World Cement Association.
Sinoma Cement Co. Ltd. manufactures and sells cement, cement supplements and cement products. Based in Beijing, Sinoma has more than 140 cement production lines constructed or under construction in over 70 countries and regions including Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil.
In recognition of the company’s achievements, the Chinese Commission for State‑owned Assets Supervision and Administration has listed Sinoma as an example enterprise for state-owned companies going abroad.
Sui Yumin, Chairman of Sinoma Cement, noted: “The World Cement Association is an essential link among cement companies all over the world, which provides a platform for mutual exchange and communication. As one of the founding members, we will work continuously together with global peers to build up a fair, healthy and honest market environment, to promote the development of the cement industry in science, technology and business fields, as well as to enhance the well-being of human society with our high-quality products.”

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