Correct filter design and optimum operating point

Summary: In the case of durable capital equipment, such as large dedusting filter units, the extent of the life cycle costs (LCC) is decisively influenced by the operating expense and consequential costs, as they are considerably higher than the capital cost of the equipment when calculated on the basis of a life expectation of 15 years. Using this cost calculation method, Scheuch has relativized the previous assumption that the energy costs for the fan are the essential factor for the plant owner in the overall framework of a plant‘s operating expenses. As a result of calculations made on the basis of comprehensive empirical values, it has been found that the sum of the individual operating expense items determines both the correct design of the filter and the optimum operating point of the plant, due to the mutual effect of the plant parameters (Fig. 1).

1 Introduction

Since the introduction of the EMC (Energy Minimizing Concept) filter technology by Scheuch GmbH, Aurolzmünster/Austria in 2001, more than 150 EMC filter units have been put into operation all around the world. These have a total hourly exhaust air capacity of approx. 75 000 000 Am³. The sum of all EMC system advantages, as determined by the evaluation of a database containing a very large volume of recorded operating data, has shown that the standard values previously accepted in the industry, such as filter area loading, filter pressure difference, can velocity, bag length or...

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