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At this year’s POWTECH in Nuremberg, Scheuch will again be presenting an array of new products for the sector. Contrary to initial reservations in the sector, the use of 8-m-long filter bags in large-scale plants in the cement industry has become the standard thanks to Scheuch’s EMC technology. There are now 36 plants worldwide that are currently operating with this technology or are scheduled to be commissioned soon. With the conclusion of long-term tests using a full-scale EMC pilot plant, Scheuch has released its 10-m filter bag technology for use in the field. Consequently, at the beginning of this year, Holcim (Germany) AG ordered the first EMC filtration plant – equipped with 10-m filter bags – for the conversion of its kiln dedusting system at its plant in Lägerdorf.

The main advantage associated with longer filter bags is the much lower investment costs thanks to their compact design and a weight reduction of up to 30  % — compare EMC 6-m: EMC 10-m. Compared to applications using the 6-m filter variant, applications using 10-m filter bags require only half of the installation space. With regard to secondary investment costs, this means immense savings for filter substructures or mill buildings, foundations and access/inspection facilities for the filtration plant. 

NEW: Fine-Tuning of the IMPULS-Compact Filter Range

Compact, decentralized filters installed directly at the emission source are now the preferred systems for dedusting auxiliary equipment in the production areas “crushing, grinding of raw materials, transport, packaging and storage”. Scheuch has fine-tuned its IMPULS-Compact filter range (Fig.) for volume flows ranging from 200 to 20 000 Am3/h by adding additional accessories and special models. Depending on the installation situation, the filters in this series are equipped with filter bags or cartridges that can be installed vertically or horizontally and are delivered ready for electrical and pneumatic connection.

NEW: Cascaded classifiers reduce filler percentage

With its newly developed cascaded classifiers, Scheuch achieves exceptional separation performance with variable filler removal, e.g., from a 20  % filler to 5  % or, given the corresponding basic conditions, to even lower percentages of about 2  %. The classifiers can be used to process a maximum material load of 85 t/h. Individual cascaded classifier lines can be operated parallel to process larger amounts of material. With its ability to deliver extraction and classifier plants from a single source, Scheuch offers optimally compatible systems.


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