10m-long filter bag technology cuts emissions and reduces operating costs

FLSmidth fabric filters and long filter bags are designed to reduce emission levels, provide lower differential pressure, lower compressed air consumption rates, as well as prolong filter bag life. Extensive testing has demonstrated that the 10m-long filter bags have a smaller environmental footprint, lower capital outlay and operation and maintenance costs, than any other filter bag. Little wonder, then, that FLSmidth 10m-long filter bags are becoming an increasingly popular choice for cement and minerals plant owners.

A pioneer in long filter bag technology, FLSmidth Airtech – Air Pollution Control installed its first 6m-long filter bag in a FabriCleanTM Pulse-Jet fabric filter at Norcem in Brevik/Norway in 1998. As plant emission regulations and plant operation and maintenance budgets became tighter and tighter, the demand for larger and more effective filter bags increased. To meet these demands, FLSmidth increased the size of its filter bags from 6 to 7 m, then from 8 to 9 m, and now 10m-long filter bags are available.

1 Introduction
Suitable for turnkey projects, as well as electrostatic precipitator...

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