Synthesis gas from residues containing PVC

The Ecoloop process for manufacturing high-grade synthesis gas (syngas) from wastes containing PVC is currently in the commissioning phase at the Rübeland plant near Elbingerode. ZKG INTERNATIONAL visited the plant to update our information.

The Fels-Werke GmbH operates three lime plants – Rübeland, Hornberg und Kaltes Tal – around the company’s Elbingerode location in the Eastern Harz district, extracting limestone to burn lime for e.g. the steel industry. The new Ecoloop pilot system has been installed at the last-named plant. In this pilot system, commercial and domestic waste materials will be processed in a reactor together with lime to produce a syngas that can be used for numerous applications, for instance as a standard fuel, and that will be able to completely replace valuable fossil energy sources.

Such gasification...

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