Invitation to an open dialogue

“Our first sustainability report is an invitation to all our stakeholders, i.e. customers, suppliers, environmental organisations, authorities and, above all, also to all our employees, to start an open dialogue with the company”, explained Eric Wittmann, CEO of CEMEX Deutschland AG. An interdisciplinary team of employees from different company and product divisions compiled the report according to the G3 guideline, application level A, of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Together with companies, non-governmental organisations, state authorities and other stakeholders, this non-profit organisation has defined the worldwide most comprehensive indicators for the compilation of sustainability reports. “We clearly show that responsibility, values and future viability play an important role for us. Sustainability is a very essential strategic basic prerequisite to ensure the permanent success of our company”, said Benedikt Jodocy, Vice President Legal & Sustainability of CEMEX Deutschland AG, the building materials company with headquarters in Düsseldorf.

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