KR102128428 (B1)

Carbon dioxide capture device in exhaust gas of cement calcination process

(22) 27.12.2018

(43) 30.06.2020

(57) The present invention relates to an apparatus for collecting carbon dioxide in exhaust gas of a cement sintering process to increase the efficiency of the collection process as a preliminary step of the collection process for recycling carbon dioxide present in the exhaust gas of the cement sintering process and to prevent efficiency decrease due to the incorporation of foreign substances. The present invention provides an apparatus for collecting exhaust gas containing carbon dioxide discharged from a cement kiln, comprising: (a) a multi-cyclone for removing particulate impurities in the exhaust gas; (b) a moisture filter for removing moisture in the exhaust gas discharged from the multi-cyclone; The multi-cyclone includes: (i) a first supply unit supplied with exhaust gas discharged from the cement kiln, (ii) a first cyclone separating particulate suspended matter from the exhaust gas supplied from the first supply unit; (iii) The exhaust gas discharged from the first cyclone is supplied from the side, the low specific gravity exhaust gas is discharged to the top, and the floating material having a high specific gravity and the exhaust gas are composed of a second cyclone that is recycled to the first supply unit. It provides a carbon dioxide capture device in the exhaust gas of the cement sintering process, characterized in that it comprises a pretreatment device.

(71) Sungshin Cement Co Ltd (KR)


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