EP 3 447 036 A1

Cements and cement mixtures having high mechanical properties at young ages

(22) 19.04.2016

(43) 27.02.2019

(57) Portland cements of type and category CEM I 52.5 R are described according to standard UNE-EN 197-1 and which additionally have a granulometric distribution with a Blaine fineness greater than 6500 cm2/g, a tricalcium silicate content, C3S, greater than 55 % by weight and a tricalcium aluminate content, C3A, greater than 4 % and less than 25 % by weight and with a sum of both greater than 75 % with a strength according to UNE 196-1 at 1 day greater than 40 MPa and at 28 days greater than 65 MPa. It also describes mixtures of these cements with a common cement according to standard UNE-EN 197-1, which present high mechanical performance at short ages, as well as the procedure for obtaining these mixtures and their use in the manufacture of cement derivatives, such as concretes, mortars and slurries.

(71) Cement International Technologies, S.L., 28046 Madrid (ES)

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Cements and cement mixtures having high mechanical properties at young ages

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