Changing times

Our industry is in constant motion. New binder concepts are continuously under discussion and are being researched at numerous locations; ZKG reports at regular intervals on emerging developments. HeidelbergCement in late March unveiled an interesting new approach, in the form of its “BCT Technology” binder concept based on a clinker containing ternesite (Belite Calciumsulfoaluminate Ternesite – BCT). This, now nearing an industrial large-scale trial, illustrates well that the building materials sector can always be expected to generate innovations (see the article starting on Page 25). Other focuses in this issue include smart refractory solutions, handling and transportation concepts for difficult bulk products, and new approaches to feed material characterisation in the lime industry, along with many other up-to-the-minute topics.

New times and new challenges are also approaching for me. I have accompanied the progress of ZKG ­INTERNATIONAL for almost exactly eight years now, and have come to know and greatly esteem the building materials sector. For this reason not least of all, I now wish to take the opportunity of entering the industry and putting my experience to active use there. I want to express my appreciation to the readers of ZKG for their interest and exchange on relevant topics. Mutually trusting and constructive interaction with colleagues, authors, advertisers and co-operation partners at production plants, companies and associations has always been of very great importance to me, and has given me much pleasure. Here, I wish to express my thanks to all of them. So: stay with ZKG!


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